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Exericio para beginners. esse exercício é piece of cake:  muito fácil. mas exige concentração. vamos lé que você consegue

1- Simple Present
a) She ____________ go to the party. (negative).
b) Her mother ____________ much water everyday.
c) My cat __________ milk a lot. (enjoy).
d) -Hey guys, excuse-me, _______ you_______ where the club is? -Yes! Just turn right and go straight ahead.
e) My parents ________ work at night. (negative).

2- Present Continuous
a) He _______ _________ a lot of  homeworks nowadays. (to be/do).
b) -_______ your mother _________ right now? (to be/ cook).
c) -What ______ __________ here? (to be/ happen).
d) -I______ ________ to the party right now, _______ you _________, too? (to be /go - to be /come).
e) We ________ ____________ anymore. Our flight was canceled. (to be negative / travel).
f) -________ your brother_________ his girlfriend tonight? (to be / see).
g) They _______ ___________ a big dinner next weekend. (to be/ plan).
3- Complete the dialog
A: Hey what _______ you ________ with this map on your hands? (to be/plan).
B: I _______ _________ to travel. (to be/go).
A: Who _______ you __________ with? (to be/travel).
B: Nobody. Just me.
A: What place ______ you _________? (to be/visit).
B: The Great Walls of China.
A: _____ you ________ there? (know).
B: No, I don`t. I have never been there before. And _______ you ________ a postcard? (want).
A: Of course I do.  _______ you ____________ one? (to be/send).
B: yes, I_______. (to be).
A: So, don`t forget it! Have a nice trip.

The verbs KNOW and WANT are not applicable in the PRESENT CONTINUOUS  tense.

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